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Boulder Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs


The signs that you use outside of your Boulder business play a big role in client attraction and brand development & identification. According to the International Sign Association, 35% of consumers state that they first learned about a business by seeing the sign while passing by, higher than any other method for local business promotion. Nothing will ever give you better visibility, name recognition, and more drop-in business than attractive, professional outdoor signs.

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Many are familiar with the large, impactful storefront signs that paint your business name across your location, letting potential customers know that you are there and ready for business. However, there are also many other types of outdoor signage that can benefit your business as well such as promotional outdoor banners, window signs, sidewalk signs, yard signs, and more.

Any sign that you need for business identification, event or brand promotion, or for any other purpose, our staff of talented sign designers, fabricators, and installation experts can create it!

Creating Signs You’ll Love

Storefront signs account for 50% of walk in businessAs a full-service expert sign company, 303 Sign Company assists with all components of exterior sign manufacturing, from your initial free consultation all the way through installation, and can provide long-term maintenance and repairs.

We know that your outdoor signs say a lot about your business, and you want a sign that you love and are proud to display. This is what we do. We create attractive, durable, and impactful signage that speaks to your brand personality, drawing new clients and customers to your facility.

Selecting the Right Storefront Sign

Custom hanging projecting sign
Storefront signs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Selecting the right one for your business or organization can be difficult, but we can assist you in selecting the perfect style to suit your brand personality and location. We will help you determine if a lighted sign is best, or if an blade sign would be more suitable, and can identify complementary signage elements that may complete your look, such as a-frame signs, window signs, and door vinyl graphics.

The right storefront sign for you should be a reflection of your business, cohesive with your branding, and an indication of what a customer or guest can expect to find inside.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Michael Kors Storefront Sign Channel Letter Sign BacklitChannel letter signs are one of our most popular signage choices, and can be utilized both as an exterior storefront sign, or indoors as a lobby sign. This signage type is extremely versatile, as well as durable and resistant to the elements. Created by forming a cut metal 3-d frame, we can form any shape, including your logo, lettering, numbers, or any other shape or graphic you have in mind.

These are a great value, and can be augmented with LED backlighting to truly make them stand out from your competitors. Just about any business or organization type can benefit from this signage type.


Monument & Pole Signs

Florida Family Care Pole SignMonument signs, pole signs, and pylon signs, while not exactly storefront signs, can still assist with your business identification needs. Monument signs often flank driveways, making it easy for you to identify where to turn to get to the facility you seek. These are common for universities and schools, manufacturing plants, and churches.

Pole signs serve a similar purpose and are essentially monument signs that are placed atop a giant pole, allowing them to attract attention and interest from far away, such as a gas station or restaurant looking to pull traffic from the interstate.

Exterior Signage

303 Sign Company is an environmentally responsible and locally owned provider of complete business signage. Whether you are looking to attract, excite, or educate potential visitors or buyers, we can create the right signage to promote your brand that is as unique as your Boulder, CO business.

Our other exterior signs include:


We can’t wait to get started on your project! Our skilled signage experts in Boulder are ready to assist you with whatever your needs may be, including outdoor and indoor signs, and can create cohesive commercial vehicle wraps to match.

Free Exterior Sign Consultation

Looking for a professionally designed, manufactured, and installed outdoor sign that shows off your brand personality and attracts more business than ever before?

Call 303 Sign Company today at (888) 303-3936 for a Free Consultation with an Outdoor Sign Specialist!